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  1. Deleted the cache but that didn't help. I ended up going into the folders and deleting all the artwork but some is still there, perhaps I skipped over some folders. It's quite a hassle thought, would be great to be able to block all album art like the options for the player itself.
  2. I downloaded an app called pocket skip track but looks like I need to root the phone for the long press to work. Currently it only works w a double tap, but not a huge fan of that.
  3. Is it possible to make the volume button skip tracks with a long hold? It's a lot better then having to turn on the screen everytime you want to play the next song or go back one. Thanks
  4. I have turned off album art for the player and also notifications. They are off in the player but still show up in the notifications and lockscreen. Worst is that, the wrong art shows up for the song. How can I fix this? BTW I have a galaxy s6.
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