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  1. For an app that I have paid for I expect problems or queries to be answered. If this is the customer support it may be sensible for me to go down a different route and actually be able to get support and answers. There are loads of posts about licence error 16. Yet no answers other than use Luckypatcher.
  2. Would be nice if he responded...
  3. Have emailed him. I await an answer soon.
  4. Nothing else as far as I'm aware. I do not have root on the device so cannot use luckypatcher. Do online purchases use Google crypto to verify?
  5. Hi, I am getting an error 16 on my android car radio. It appears this is because of a cracked copy of Google play store. I have purchased the unlocker through the app store. If i were to buy it again using ts the website would this unlocker work on a cracked play store?
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