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  1. DNLA support is a must have... It has been way too long coming to Poweramp and the silence on the matter from the developers isn't particularly encouraging either.
  2. Another +1 for DNLA support. Poweramp is an amazing app but the lack of DNLA support means I am limited to the few meagre GB of music available on my device, rather than the 200+ GB on my home network. At the moment I am having to use another app when I want to stream music via DNLA at home. I would be willing to pay for a separate plugin app for DNLA support... Also, it seems like the developers aren't particularly good at responding to what seems like a very popular feature request, even just to confirm/deny whether they are planning the feature at all. Not a particularly good sign of how seriously they take customer feedback I'm not holding out much hope of actually getting this feature, so in the mean time I will be looking at other media players that do offer DNLA like doubleTwist and n7, which seem to be taking new feature development in a more positive direction. That said, Poweramp has been a favourite of mine for a long while and if it ever gets DNLA it will probably stay that way for a long time. Heres hoping...
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