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    Option to add cover art to song file

    oh wow, well thanks. here's to hoping we see it in v3.0!
  2. I like collecting music almost as much as I like listening to it. Often times the embedded album covers are missing, fortunately Poweramp has the ability to add whatever cover art you want. UNfortunately if you share this music with someone else, move it to your computer, or put your SD card in another phone, the cover art will all be gone and you'll have to start all over again. my request is that the ability to add cover art directly to the file, just like we're able to edit other file tags, so that it's actually embedded to the song. not replacing the way Poweramp does it now, just adding the option to change the the songs embedded art. Right now the way to do it is, use Poweramp to get the cover art, then go into a file manager and grab the cover art from Poweramp's folder, then use a 3rd party id3 editor app to change the songs cover art to the one you selected from Poweramp, then go back to Poweramp and do it again for the next song. it'd be great if Poweramp could do it on its own, catering to the music collectors, as well as the audiophiles! think this feature can be added? looking forward to the future of Poweramp! soraxd
  3. hm well first thank you for giving such a thorough look at it. here's 2 files, its the same song copied twice, I edited the second copy of the song to make the artist "test edit ", that's the only alteration. the second copy of the song doesn't work now. so in the folder are 2 copies of that song, one with the edit and one without the edit, they are named accordingly. here's the folder with the 2 songs. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_E1ltyIK5WRb2tDYW9VUmlpZ0U/view?usp=docslist_api
  4. this bug has been around for a long time, but I only recently tracked down what was causing it. I noticed almost every .aac was corrupted on my phone. I figured out that editing any Tag,Info with Power Amp breaks it. if you remember what the tags were before you edited them, you can edit them back and it'll fix the file. it doesn't just corrupt it for Poweramp but for every music player. this is a serious bug, I don't know how this didn't come up already considering how long this bug has been around.
  5. so anybody got any info on this? -crickets-
  6. wow, that's useful, never knew that. sadly my theory that if I was able to keep the notification bar player active, the S-Cover player would stay active as well, seems to debunked. I don't know how much control 3rd party apps like Poweramp even have over Samsung's S-Cover, so you guys might not be able to do anything... if someone reading this is unclear what the S-Cover is, here's a pic of what comes up when you close the case door while power amp is playing. pausing makes this dissappear, so I have to open the phone up and go play the music, defeating the purpose of the S-Cover completely... http://imgur.com/ed1Bpke
  7. The cool thing about using power amp with my S-view cover, is that I can resume, skip, pause music without having to open my phone. sadly if I pause my music even for a few seconds, just to talk to someone, or answer a question, when I go to resume my song it's been dismissed and its no longer paused on my S-view cover. I open my S-view cover and pull down my notification panel, but it's gone from there as well.. so i need to open my app drawer, go to Poweramp, press play and then I can resume my song that I paused for only a few seconds. is there no way to keep the notification active? this would let my s cover keep the music player on my screen, which would be soo very convenient for me. I'm currently using a note 4 on lollipop 5.0.1 thanks!