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  1. Getting the SD card to appear as a location to grant access was my problem. I did have a "Volume Label" assigned to the sd card, but still nothing, even after hiding and unhiding Ext SD card.... But my trial access has now expired so I can try no more. At least I will thank Poweramp for the free trial period, as it has shown me that the app does not do what I wanted it to do, so have not paid for something I don't want.
  2. I can get to the screen to grant access by going through the "delete song" route, but my SD card is not shown.. I get the option to Show / Hide SD Card, but it makes no difference. I have read that the access to SD cards is only possible when a Volume Label is used, which I have done, but obviously not properly, but if I insert my SD card into a computer, it appears in Explorer with its volume name... What am I doing wrong? My free trial of Poweramp will end soon, and I won't be buying it at this rate!
  3. @KingKuno, Can you tell me how you edited or added the volume label of your ext sd card? I can get to the access screen by deleting a file, but even when selecting "show sd card", it is not shown. I am guessing that this must be because of the volume label issue.
  4. Update; No, it doesn't work. When the automatic art is not correct I am not able to change it. Still no option to grant access to the ext sd card...
  5. I've signed up to share my experience with this issue. I am using an Asus Zenfone 2 with Android 5.0 I downloaded Poweramp for Intel devices and couldn't edit tags due to the access denial. As most of you, the dialogue box did not appear from the prompt when trying to edit tags. I tried to delete a file and the dialogue box did then appear, but I still could not select the external sd card as it didn't give me the option. The sd card is a Kingston class 10 64GB which I formatted before use in the phone using Windows Explorer, exFAT format, and adding a three letter volume tag, I did no
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