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  1. Hello! Does anyone using FiiO X5 Mark 3 and using Poweramp v3? How's the UI? I read some thread say the resolution to small to show all the UI on the screen. I would be much more appreciated if someone can provide me a screenshot of their FiiO's running Poweramp v3 I'm planning to get it by tonight at a discount price.
  2. It says "Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it"
  3. Finally decided to use beta for first time. Where is timestamp? It is so hard to swipe. I need to skip quickly to certain time
  4. Currently on 2.0.10-build-573-play (full version)
  5. I'm using CM11 not PA though But , normally ( maybe the last version before lolipop ) updated have worked fine so far until these latest update.
  6. Yes , I tried both , website and from Play store. Reinstall , clear data , wipe dalvik cache. I had to restore my ROM from my backup (The only backup I have) otherwise I can't use the Poweramp at all! Until you guys fix this issue or have a proper solution for my problem , I won't update my Poweramp . Thanks !
  7. Sorry Currently using HTC ONE M7 Custom ROM CM11 (4.4.4) Just wanted to know , does this new update only supported on Android 5.0?
  8. Not its not. I've update it via Google Play Store. I have done reinstall whole apps and also downloaded from Poweramp from the site too. Still says not support. Help please
  9. Hi I just updated my Poweramp to latest version I cannot launch Poweramp now! My android version is 4.4.4. The error message were "Not supported , Intel version bla bla bla" Now what?
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