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  1. It may very well work with the new Blackberry OS version 10. I have successfully installed and ran other Android apps including CoPilot Live, eWeather HD and Solitaire City. The app either has to be downloaded and installed from Blackberry World or the Amazon app store or download an .apk file from another source and install it. The question is transfering the license from an old phone to a new phone.
  2. Blackberry now suppors Android with its new version 10 os. I have already installed and successfully run other Android applications.
  3. I purchased Poweramp from Google Play and installed it on my Android phone. Now I have a new phone (Blackberry Classic) and I want to use Poweramp on the new phone since I no longer use the old phone and turned it off with my carrier. How can I use it on my new phone without having to pay for it again? I can download the .apk file (trial version) onto my BB Classic and install the trial version of Poweramp but is there a license key I can enter once installing the the trial version so it becomes the full version? Or is there another way? I looked for the license key on my old phone but canno
  4. I have Poweramp on my Android phone on the AT&T network. If I migrate to a Blackberry Classic phone can I run Poweramp on it? If yes where and how can I download it and install it for the Blackberry Classic?
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