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  1. OK, so full albums with their songs in order, but the albums played in random order? If Max were to implement "Shuffle (random sort)" into "List Options: Artist Albums" that would do the trick. Not sure if that would result in other problems though.
  2. Are you trying to play full albums in random order, or all songs by the artist in random order? If the latter, couldn't you just set the player to "shuffle songs", then go to "all artist songs" and play a random track from the list? This will result in shuffling all songs. From what I just tested, this seems to have the same result as the 10 step process you described.
  3. I'm not sure I understand this one. It looks the same as it did on previous builds?
  4. Please let Max know you want the feature so that it doesn't get overlooked.
  5. OK thanks. I asked Max if he can implement control over fading in/out the entire black box and text, hopefully he will consider it.
  6. @Andrew0 Interesting new skin Andrew. Do you have any control over of showing and hiding the titles over the art?
  7. Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks Volume Panel In the default skins this can be light or dark, it looks like your skin is set to the light background.
  8. No, I don't think so. Expect it to be the same as the current release. But only Max can say for sure.
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RA20ZXtEk0Kaq4_4oz8YgPbXTcYSv6NT/view?usp=drivesdk
  10. I think he didn't notice the ads and thought it was an error in the Play Apps description.
  11. Yes, unless he reverts it before final release.
  12. Settings > Library > Scanner > Auto-Scan = OFF
  13. It must be related to the language, it shows 48SKHZ here as well if I set the language to Italian.
  14. Are you on build 804? What language are you set on? Here it just shows 48KHZ. Not sure if the device has any factor in it.
  15. Have you tried updating to the latest version 804? Also, do you have Advance List enabled? It's the --> arrow in the image.
  16. I don't think it's possible to save more than one, as each output type can only have one default. You could still save presets for each Bluetooth speaker, problem is you'd need to manually change each one. A possible compromise would be to find a good setting between all of your Bluetooth devices, then adjust the device settings such as your car EQ to notch everything how you'd like it. As for the replaygain, I'm not certain as I never use any replaygain settings.
  17. What EQ settings are you using? Remember that the EQ can be set to automatically choose a preset based on the connection type (aux, bluetooth, phone speaker, etc.) You might consider adjusting it to sound good and save it as the Bluetooth preset.
  18. But, I thought you said that EAC did work to make them gapless?
  19. I tried to explain it in the previous post. It would be timed on/off when changing tracks. You can trigger it by slight nudging the artwork or up swipe which have no other effect. (Other than slight moving/bouncing the artwork). The main option for this effect would be in the settings. It would not work at all like the star rating from V2. It would be an option within the skin settings to avoid breaking compatibility with other skins.
  20. @maxmp Would it be difficult to add a fade in/out effect for the titles across the artwork? Trigger them on when changing tracks, going to the list, up swipe, slight nudge, or coming back to the player screen. Fade them after 2 or 3 seconds. ❓Does anyone else want this feature?
  21. Did you ever test the gapless playback of the ripped .wav files from cdex?
  22. Ok good. I think he changed something recently with the licensing. Glad you got it working.
  23. I think there is some confusion here, updates need 8.0 compatibility, not to support ONLY 8.0 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50986651/target-api-level-requirement-from-late-2018
  24. Where did you originally purchase the license from?
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