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  1. Settings > Library It's basically a bookmark feature for long tracks/audiobooks.
  2. Agreed but that wavebar seems to be fixed in build 811. Using the built-in Dark skin.
  3. Thanks for the update max! Working great so far! Also thanks for adding the bookmark feature for long files.
  4. That Poweramp skin? Or something else?
  5. @maxmp Regarding Skin Settings: Would it be at all possible to make this menu opaque, so that we can see the changes in real time as we toggle them? I'm pretty certain anyone who uses skins would appreciate that.
  6. Which Android version are you using?
  7. I noticed that right away, it looked better without the outline for sure. Hopefully it wasn't an intentional change.
  8. With one of the spectrum visualizations I think.
  9. Yes, I tried that. It doesn't seem to have any effect.
  10. I don't use the search function so I've never noticed before now. I tested to confirm it does delete the space when you hit it quickly after tying a word. Specifically, it happens when I type more than 1 letter. If I type 1 letter then space, it works correctly.
  11. @maxmp I've run into a bug. When I disable "Click Restarts Track" the tracks don't change correctly, and the timer becomes messed up: Using AAC+CUE
  12. @maxmp Thanks, strange the Play Store hasn't updated yet. Edit: It just updated.
  13. Max has already said that V3 is in a staged roll-out phase, try taking responsibility for your own actions. There isn't a lot to accomplish by going out of beta anyway, you would have only gone from version 809 to 808.
  14. Definitely a good option to have. I've suggested that he just adds a fade option to the black text.
  15. I would prefer to hide that too. I don't find any of that info useful enough to be persistently shown.
  16. I noticed that using the a widget to open the app when it's idle for a while tends to do it.
  17. Ok, I just listened to all tracks up to 5% Tint, I started the album by tapping on track 1 (Stargazing) from the album track list, and listened to all without pausing. No problems here. The file name was: 09 - 5% Tint.flac
  18. Ok. I'm testing it right now. I'll let you know if it does it here.
  19. Does it mute that track if you start with playing the track before (Wake Up), and let it play into 5% Tint?
  20. Thanks for clarifying. Also, I tested the method I posted above, and it only works for the normal Artists list, not for the hierarchy folders.
  21. I think they want an artist image to show for the artist folder, so there is no mp3/file there to embed anything. I wonder if the new change makes it refer to the same files as non folder hierarchy images. @Razgriz Check this out: EDIT- I tested this, and it doesn't work for folders hierarchy.
  22. You mean to disable auto updates from google play? Hit the 3 dots in the top right corner of the store page:
  23. 2) Do you mean the Artists category? That is so that you can see/play just albums from a target artist. I normally sort those by year, while having the All Albums list sorted by name. You can also play all artist songs from that page, and shuffle them. 3) I've been wondering about the frequency cutoff as well, never got any answer about it.
  24. Yes, that (V2) should work. I think last beta to support 4.4 is build 709:
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