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  1. Damn, I can't read apparently. Hopefully he can figure it out. I think I've seen this happen before on some of my devices, and it usually just takes a bit of time to show up. Try closing and re-opening the Play Store and if that doesn't work, turn the phone off and on again.
  2. Is anything else not showing as owned on the Play Store? You might need to update the Play Store if you just factory restored your phone. To check for the update, go into Play Store Settings, and at the bottom tap on "Play Store version." It should be somewhere around 14.5.20 Afterward, close the Play Store and check again. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer.unlock&hl=en_US
  3. I don't know if he clarified this, but that blue Starset screenshot is one that I uploaded some time ago, I think it was from my LG Volt. His device probably has a screen resolution that doesn't currently allow the same scaling. My Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) has a 1920x1080 resolution and the same problem as his screenshots.
  4. Thanks for the new update. Is there any way to see the duration of albums without adding them to a playlist?
  5. I can confirm. Though I had not tested this in the past few releases.
  6. @maxmp Thanks for the update. Could you add an option to make the labels opaque (like in Alternative Layout) for the standard layout?
  7. I'm on Android 7.0 and it shows just as before, check Settings > Lockscreen this might be Oreo specific. What happens if you swipe down, or tap on the cover art?
  8. You can also override the 3 character limitation by manually placing your image like this: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/selected_artist/U2.jpg
  9. I think I have found a bug. I was just listening to Michael Jackson's Thriller album. I selected Beat It, and it played through into Billie Jean. But my in-car display continued to display Beat It as Billie Jean was played. (I parked the car and the player stopped at that point). Now I just looked at my phone and Beat It was displayed on the screen, and seemed to be paused on that song? I'll test this again next time I go for a drive and see if I can repeat it.
  10. I'm looking to buy a few digital audio players, one for myself and perhaps a couple as gifts for family members. Requirements: Micro SD AAC+CUE support Preferably Android based to allow Poweramp installation. Is there anything under $100 that would meet this criteria?
  11. I've never used Chromecast before, I know that my Onkyo receiver supports it, but when I attempt to connect basically nothing happens. The furthest it goes is to say the name of the song, but without any audio output. Also, the Poweramp seems to stop/pause when activated. Is there any benefit to using this instead of Bluetooth? Is the audio stream lossless?
  12. Ah ok. Cool. He also mentioned a while back something about a "Pro" skin. He might be working on that too.
  13. It's been a while since the last update. About a month and a half. Has anyone heard from Max lately?
  14. Also checkout this post I made: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/15608-Poweramp-build-811/?do=findComment&comment=64710
  15. Not a bad suggestion, but first he needs to adjust the scaling of the resolution of the images, otherwise the high resolution is mostly redundant, even for 1500px files.
  16. Can we please get some kind of image resolution scaling setting? The default setting makes the covers a bit blurry. See image comparison below. Click to view full size images.
  17. "Album Artist", that's what I meant. OK, so it's for compilations specifically. Gotcha.
  18. I tested the option with both applied and missing artist tags, it had no effect. Did you personally test it and see some kind of difference?
  19. Settings > Library > Lists > Join Albums What does this option do? I thought it was to join or separate albums with the same title, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Albums with the same title (but different artist) remain separate (which is good) but I'm still wondering how this option works.
  20. Nope, but it would be great if he could add it.
  21. How about something like this: Maybe Max could add a "DJ Mode" to Poweramp, where the arrows above could appear and control how cueing new tracks would work. Up = Play Next Right = Play Now Down = Add to bottom of queue
  22. There is still an issue where low-bitrate mp3s (audiobooks) stop after playback of each track. BTW, bought a 6th license for Poweramp, this time for my nephew.
  23. I'm testing some mp3 files with embedded art. But I also have a "cover.jpg" in the folder. However, it seems the embedded art is overriding the higher quality cover.jpg, is there any way to select to prefer the external image over the embedded art?
  24. A cue is an index file that tells the player where each track begins in an album that is written as a single audio file. Check your folder, does it just have one flac? or separate flacs for each track?
  25. Weird, one more thing to try: De-select your flac music folder, and select a random folder (an empty folder is ok), re-scan, you'll have 0 flac tracks. Then re-select your flac folder, and do another full re-scan. This will completely re-fresh your library. It sounds strange, but I believe this worked before when someone had a similar problem.
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