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  1. Hi, can you post screen shots of the changes for Version 3.0?
  2. No, I asked if there was an option to remove the text from the artwork - which there is not. And I asked if the track # was supported - which it is.
  3. Are you talking to me? No thanks, I like the track counter.
  4. You should make a thread for this. Maybe andre/max can sticky it, as a lot of people would want it.
  5. @maxmp Will you add options to hide the status bar and nav bar? It would help a lot with spreading things out, and making more room for the album art area.
  6. Couldn't you export a backup file of your settings?
  7. How often is it resetting? Does it do it while music is still playing? Idle? Or when restarting your device?
  8. It would make more sense for the search to be based on the current list and sort order, but in the meantime I would suggest: Library > Artists Use the right side quick scroll to find the artist And set your Artist Albums List Order "by year"
  9. Max posted that as an example image with his Poweramp V3 Skin SDK.
  10. Thanks for the effort into making this skin, a notes so far: Statik Seekbar isn't available. Pro Buttons aren't available. "Adaptive icon" what is this? Can you enable coloring the text? Maybe to match the accent color. It would look good if the seekbar matched that color as well. Also, please add different colors besides black for the background color. And lastly, it would be cool if you could theme the Poweramp Icon and stylize the player PLAY button to look like the icon shown here:
  11. Thanks. Does your skin have options for the different seekbars shown here? I think he wanted you to make a Poweramp skin that looks like Apple Music... ?
  12. @gcantoni A few questions: Are there any options for removing the text over the album art? Is the track # supported?
  13. I see. I just suggested it because I used to use that cut silence feature until I realized that it's not truly accurate leaving little blips between some tracks.
  14. You guys should consider encoding your albums as single file + cue for true gapless. It's a bit of a hassle if you have a lot of albums, but it's worth it. Of course this is assuming you have the lossless source files to encode from.
  15. Tap the top right corner of the widget and see if any of the settings change the display. Also play music while doing it to make sure the data loads while adjusting it.
  16. Suggested Option: Tap Track # = Return to List + Swipe Up/Down Album Cover = List/Album Change Currently Up Swipe on album art has no effect, and tapping the Track # has no effect, this would be a great and logical option together.
  17. Max, are you planning any fixes for scrolling longer titles? Or any fading options for the text over art display? Also, non-square images currently show distorted. Thanks
  18. There are currently no 3rd party skins available yet.
  19. What device are you using? Have you considered rooting and installing custom firmware if possible?
  20. This has been a problem for the past few versions at least, I think the elements don't contrast to white correctly. Try this temporary fix: Settings > Background > Background Intensity 85% This is based off default settings.
  21. Check this out: You can apparently override the system. This should make using custom images much easier in the long run. [BACKUP YOUR CUSTOM IMAGES BEFORE DOING THE FIRST STEP - THIS WILL PROBABLY OVERRIDE WHAT YOU HAVE SELECTED] In Album Art Settings, set Download Artist Images: ON Find this folder in your system: \Android\data\_com.maxmpz.audioplayer\artist_art You will see any artist images Poweramp has downloaded here. Place your artist images here, make sure they are named exactly as the band name, example: U2.jpg , Shawn Mendes.jpg etc. Note: I believe the files must be JPG, I tried PNG and it didn't work.
  22. These are a couple small anomalies I wanted to note, just for reference, in no way are these a priority to fix: Tested using CUE based albums. Settings > Library > Scanner > Ignore Short Tracks 1. "Include all" requires a manual "Full Rescan" to add them into the library. While "ignoring" them becomes affective immediately. However, the silent tracks become out of order (moved to the end of the album) For example, if an album has 99 tracks. With tracks 1-11 and 99 having music, track 99 will become in place of track 12, with all the silent tracks after the album. The solution to fix this: 1. De-Select the album (in Library > Music Folders). (Press "SELECT FOLDERS", allow system rescan.) 1. Re-Select the album (in Library > Music Folders). (Press "SELECT FOLDERS", allow system rescan.) Track Count +1? The track count (press 3 dots) in album track list view becomes +1 when coming back from the player display, but it is displayed correctly when entering from the album list view.
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