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  1. Fresh format of SD Card (extfat) helps.
  2. Last PA build a year ago. Is there something happening?
  3. Why it can't sort PA playlists?
  4. I thought that the recall and then the return of the permits would correct the situation.
  5. The only thing I ask is : to choose from a database songs with high ratings (you already do this) and sort them by 'file name' not by the title of the song.
  6. Yes I reinstall PA. Yes reinstalled version gives me the same message.
  7. This is a dynamic list, is not it? Today I like some songs, tomorrow others. I ask you to make a bicycle, and you suggest a way to limp on foot. Well, let there be only one sort "by file name", but let it be.
  8. I can not export, save or restore this list. And I regularly lose, and there are 300 songs.
  9. Especially the list of favorite songs, which is something in the PA database.
  10. Can you explain why when I withdraw the permissions for memory android says that the application was created for earlier versions?
  11. Please add the ability to sort the playlists. Especially the list of favorite songs. To start, you can 1 option - artist / year / track. Sorting by name is not very good idea IMHO.
  12. You have made many options for sorting lists. It is strange that there is no natural self. Author + Year of release of album + Track number.
  13. Ok, that is kind of solution. Thank you.
  14. Yes I see the Grant Access screen. Yes I select the ROOT level of the SD Card. Yes access is granted but the file is not deleted. This (Grant Access screут ...) happens every time I want to delete a file.
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