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  1. Glad I could help someone with my "What to do/What not to" post. I hope others read it too and figure it out, I figured it out after deciphering this thread for a while since nobody had made it clear.
  2. It wouldn't display any album art at all, because I hadn't tried the other methods and the folder.jpg images were not being displayed while browsing albums. Either way I'm now doing my album art through the built in search and then manually downloading otherwise.
  3. I got this to work as well, thanks to all the posters. I want to make this clear for everyone else having the same problem. The way that doesn't work: Navigating to a song, clicking the 3 dots icon (right hand side of song title, etc.) Clicking Info/Tabs, clicking edit tags. You will then be told that you don't have access to the sd card, click get support, and click grant access and nothing happens. The way that works: Navigating to a song, clicking the 3 dots icon (right hand side of song title, etc.) Clicking Delete. (Don't worry, the song won't be deleted in the end.) You will then go through the same set of promps that I describe above except you will actually be led to an option window allowing you to grant sd card access.
  4. Another thing I would like to know is where is downloaded album art saved? Is it saved in the tags? On the phone memory somewhere, sd card somewhere? Thanks.
  5. Hey, I'm trying to get my album art to work with Poweramp. I have what seem to be the appropriate settings checked but I can't get my folder.jpg album arts to display. To make it clear, my album art is in each folder with the music (titled "folder.jpg".) I was under the understanding that this would work, am I missing something? Can anyone help me out please. Is it possible there is a general size limit on album art when doing it in this fashion?
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