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  1. I actually DO understand what 'random' means, and yes, the next song on the same album has exactly the same probability as song X on a different album. However, it's highly unlikely that I should be experiencing what I'm seeing ALL the time.
  2. I think I described what I'm experiencing pretty well. It's not even close to what I've experienced shuffling 5 albums on at least a dozen different programs on Windows, Android and IOS. It's not a perception problem
  3. Thanks for the response. But this isn't even close to random; it's so bad I was assuming someone would point me to an obscure setting, or suggest that I might have a software conflict. It wouldn't be unusual for me to load 5 albums, and have it play 2 from #1, 3 from #4, go Back and play 1 or 2 from #1, and then maybe play another from #4 before getting to a third folder. Quite maddening! I've taken to using another program when I'm doing a 2 hour road trip.
  4. I really like this app, but it has the worst random algorithm of any music player I've ever used. I'll load 5 albums (folders) in the queue, and ask it to shuffle all. It almost always plays 2, sometimes 3 songs from the same album before going to another. And, it may play 15 songs and not even to every folder once, sometimes only 3 of them. I understand statistics and random, BUT if I play 15 songs out of 5 albums, it ought to come somewhat close to playing 3 songs from all 5 folders, and 'rarely' play two songs from the same album in a row (as it is, that's usually the rule). I don't see anyother settings to mess with. Anyone seeing this? Samsung Galaxy S4, kitkat.
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