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  1. well, i fixed this problem. i completely flashed new ROM, formatted /system, did full wipe and now it works. seems like someone used to patch it before. thanks for reply, you can close this topic.
  2. I'm not sure if it wasn't modified before, i got this phone from ebay and it was used before. So what should i do to solve this problem? Try another ROM maybe? Factory reset did nothing. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sure, it is. I checked everything. App is downloaded from site, 573-uni version. Now i think that i'm stuck. EDIT: i made a factory reset as well, but still no go. May i have a billing problem? And why max is not answering? How much should i wait?
  4. Yes, it was via website. Should i try to reset my phone?
  5. Hello, I've already purchased Poweramp, but when i try to register my email, it gives me error: APM response - 500 invalid request code=4. I can provide Gmail and order ID, if needed. I tried your suggested methods to fix problem, but it still exists. I sent email to maxmpz, but he gives no answer. Please, give me another solution method, my trial is already finished. Thanks.
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