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  1. Since my last posting I have tried several things. I have converted all my playlists to m3u and I have made sure that the folder structure on the tablet is the same as on my computer. Rather than synchronize the computer with the tablet I have copied and pasted all of my music and playlists onto the tablet. I am still having the same problem. In addition to not all of the playlists importing, many songs in some playlists also have not imported even though they are on the SD card. In an earlier post you said that importing refers to importing from another Android device, not Windows playlists. Basically, all I want to do is to get my Windows Music Player playlists to work on my tablet. Does Poweramp not allow for synchronization between WMP and my tablet? I'm about to give up and search for another app.
  2. Yes, some playlists import and others don't. I have synchronized my music folder, including the wpl playlists with the tablet. They appear in a playlist folder on the tablet with a pla extension. I have about 220 playlists but only 164 import. If I try to import again, without deleting the ones that have already imported, the same ones import again but with a 1 after the playlist name. Would I be better off to convert my wpl playlists to m3u? Is there an easy way to do this, other than to recreate them one at a time? Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.
  3. I have synchronized my music on a Samsung Tablet with a memory card with Windows Media Player 12. All of my playlists appear in the Playlists folder on my tablet. However, all of them do not import when I click on "Import System Library Playlists." The Playlist folder is included in the music folders to be used in folders/library.
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