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  1. Thanks, but was hoping that the developers could shed some light as to why the USB drive is accessable/visible (together withall sub-folders), but the scanner doesn't work. Don't have any issues with Neutron Music Player (if that helps)
  2. Can confirm that after copying some files to the SD card, Poweramp can play them. This would point to the USB drive. As I said, I can play files if I select them via a file manager. It seem to be the scanner that has problems Thanks
  3. Yes. Sorry. The problem is that I can select the music folder (and any subfolders) from Poweramp, but no files are scanned at all. They are all flac, but I believe that's a supported format Thanks
  4. Hi, Running build 573 on an ASUS tabled (Android 4.2.1). I have an external USB drive formatted as ntfs and when I connect the drive I can select the folder(s) I want in Poweramp, but when I do a 'manua'l Rescan, it takes about one second. I can play any of the files on the USB drive by double clicking on the file name. Thanks,
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