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  1. I did the update to build 9 (after crash at build 8) and now Poweramp works ! ty guys
  2. I also can't rescan and can't do nothing on the app.. always is crashing and can't even listen to music and i'm kind of angry to pay to an app that was working brialiant and perfect untill the update build 573 then suddenly stop working. I hope someone can bring a solution on the problem because is annoying..
  3. I deleted the data from settings -> Poweramp trial app and i still have the same problem...what should i do next
  4. Please specify the following: Poweramp 2.0.10 build 573Samsung galaxy S3Android 4.4.4Slim Kat 3.0.64Optional (but this speedups bug investigation/fix): please install free CatLog app (https://market.andro...anlawson.logcat)start Poweramp, reproduce the issueimmediately run CatLog, menu => save, menu => send => Poweramp.maxmpz gmail.comI did the optional and sent to the email adrees I bought the app from google store and on 19.02 the app did update.. and after the app is crashing and don't work I had attached a photo :
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