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  1. Does it let you change the colour of that black box too (around the text)..?
  2. Cool. Thanks. Does it let you change the colour of that black box too (around the text)..? ?
  3. Thanks for your comment. Do you have the skin yourself? As in do you use it? Thanks
  4. I though so too. But I just wanted to be sure I did not somehow miss it - hence why I asked. Thanks for your response
  5. Fair point, but I looked and it was not explicitly stated (or at least did not see where). So I am still asking. If you know where it does say so, kindly point it out.. please thank you
  6. Hi does this skin have an option to allow you remove the text boxes off from covering the artwork?
  7. Hi, thanks for the updates.. The album artwork in this latest v3 does not seem to have shadow.. or it seems very faint? I liked the shadow feature in the earlier versions. Is there a way to maybe turn them on..or make them pronounced or something? Also, when viewed in a landscape orientation, is there a way the artwork can be centered, like in the previous version (ie not placed on the left)? And finally hope this is not asking too much? ? How about album art zoom (making the artwork larger, like in the previous version)? Thanks
  8. It's not - and apparently not on car stereos either. Mine is a 7 inch screen double din stereo running android 6.0.1. So will this be available in the final v3 though?
  9. Hi, I am really looking forward to the new release of v3! But meanwhile, does the v3 alpha (Poweramp alpha-build-703/704) allow me to hide the status bar on android 6? Currently - and I am using v2, that option does not appear in my UI (running on android 6)...
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