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  1. Support for more screen sizes. Simple enough i think.. My phone has two screens(ZTE axon m) and when its in Extended screen mode, the screen size is 1920x2160 but the controls are now here to be seen. So maybe a way to get more screen resolutions supporter in some way would be nice, including more uncommon screen sizes. There is no hurry, as i can still use the notification to control music, but its just annoying to either have to use single screen or use the notification to control the music.
  2. would it be possible to get a toggle for the notifications? so it can be toggled to be large(expanded) or small? i have a hard time adjusting to the new larger notification, as i had gotten so used to the compact version. other than that, i still love this music player, and will likely keep using it, and recommending it to everyone i know, who plays music on their phone.
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