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  1. Thank you Andre, I'll give that a try.
  2. I created a playlist. While playing a song in that playlist I can tap and hold on the icon to the left of the song title and select to play that album. After playing that album how can I go back to the playlist I was listening to and play where I left off?
  3. Hello Gwinbar, this is what I do and it's about as straightforward as possible and I believe it gets what you're asking for. Enter Library, select Artists and ensure the list options are sorted by name. Then tap on the artist that you want to create your playlist. The first item on the list is All Artists Songs, and the number of songs. DO NOT select this item. Below this is the list of all the albums. Ensure this list is sorted by name. Now enter the menu at this level, i.e. where all the albums are listed. Select Add to Playlist. On the bottom of the screen there's Select A
  4. I like to play all my songs (over 6000 songs) shuffled and play through the entire library without starting over. However, if I want to play a particular album and put it in the queue, then I end up losing my place where I left off playing all my songs. Can anyone help me figure out how I can go back to where I left off playing all my songs, without having to start over? Thanks
  5. Does anyone know how to clear the queue? Back in the day when phones had the menu button this option was available there. Then when the menu button disappeared then one could hold the recent apps button to pull up app specific menus. However, with Nougat holding the recent apps button pulls up the option to split the screen. So now I can no longer clear the queue except by selecting each individual song which will take way too long. Please help!
  6. The icon in the status bar shows the play symbol when Poweramp is playing. It used to show the pause symbol when the player was paused. Now the Poweramp icon just disappears when it's paused. Did I inadvertently change a setting so the pause symbol no longer shows or the the program change on one of its updates? I couldn't find a setting to make any change.
  7. I prefer not to have Poweramp have the ability to delete song files so I unchecked that setting. However, when I went back to the menu in the top right corner of tghe main screen I see the delete option grayed out which is correct, but the Add to Playlist option was also grayed out. Why is that?
  8. I've searched the forum for "time remaining" to see how I can change the elapsed time to time remaining. I found this feature has been requested for the last 5 years! Wow, so I'm going to add the feature request again. Current function - tap on elapsed time sets song back to the beginning. Desired function - tap on elapsed time to toggle between elapsed time and remaining time. The current function is redundant by two fold. First, the slider can be used to go to the beginning of the song. Second the back double arrow takes track back to beginning. So if you implement this new featur
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