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  1. - Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - Android 7.0 (Stock, Grace UX) - I know this phone was supported before, but not with this firmware.
  2. Andre, thanks for the info. OK then I'll skip testing on old OS. Rez
  3. Hi, Thanks for the chance for testing beta app. I signed up weeks ago. Awesome work! I really like the beta version, Looks like the app runs well on most of my devices with newer OS (4.4 - 6.0) till I use my older to the oldest one, it keeps crashing at initial. I have a question regarding to that, is the latest build is fully compatible with older OS such as 4.0 or 2.3? What device is it.. It's ZTE Grand era with NVIDIA Tegra 3 running ICS 4.0.4, kernel 3.1.10. Afterwards, last thing I want to test is Hi-Res outputs. I'm hoping the public release of Poweramp v3 is compatible with wi
  4. I've just found stereo x hidden knobs by press n hold stereo x (the word not the knob). There are more knobs for stereo x. There are 2 Gain knobs, 2 freq knobs, 2 quantity knobs, delay, and master gain. That's all i can tell now.
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