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  1. The following are relatively easy fixes that would improve an already excellent app tremendously. I hope that these can added in the next update: 1. Add an option to turn off the splitting of genres with "/". This is the only app I've encountered that does this and it is kind of annoying since I have individual genres such as Hip Hop/R&B and Classic Rock/Pop that get split into multiple genres. 2. Add an option to allow splitting Artists with ";" or "/" (like in Windows Media Player). This is pretty much the opposite of request #1 for artists. It would just be awesome if there were simply separate options to split artists by ";" and "/", and to split genres by ";" and "/". 3. Release year view. I know you can already sort songs by release year, but it would be nice if there was a separate category that grouped songs by release year (again, like in Windows Media Player). #1 and #2 to me, are critical improvements/fixes (that shouldn't take more than a few minutes to add), while #3 would merely be a nice addition. Thanks.
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