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  1. 简单来说,汉化是由社区提供的。正式版汉化会很快不过最新的测试版一般都是没有汉化跟进的。704的汉化是继承自正式版,790由于彻底重制没有汉化继承。看不懂可以先找词典对照一下。 The translation will be supported after its official release, but not on the beta, and so it is with the preview.
  2. This is caused by MIUI custom. The expand notification bar works both on Android N and O, however MIUI customed the notification bar so it does not support expanding. The solution is possible. The notification bar style should be able to select from the setting menu manually to solve this ROM related problem. @maxmp
  3. I checked it on another device running Android 8.1 AOSP based system.The notification bar just works well as the built in music player.So I guess it is possible that Poweramp consider my MIUI based android7.1 as Oreo and use the oreo notification bar so it did not work anyhow. This can be proved by the OpenSL HD output method, which is originally for Android 8+, available on my phone. So I consider it is probably a bug related to some customed ROM. However as I uses more I noticed more the buggy progress bar. Although the display effect is good, it is full of small bugs when it com
  4. It's really awesome! The best UI design I have seen ever on android. The High-Res support is back and works well with my Redmi 5 Plus on Android 7.1 (MIUI) now, while the 704 preview alert a fatal error on loading Highres. I'm really excepting for the complete v3 release. Still find some small bugs. On my Android 7.1 MIUI9 the notification bar is completely broken, only the track counter is displayed. It is probably caused by the MIUI custom so later I will check it on another phone with AOSP system on Android 7.1 . The new navigation bar sometimes seems to have mis
  5. If you play wechat voice message while playing Poweramp through HIGHRES, the HIGHRES output will fail and you need to reboot phone to recover. It is probably because wechat voice message plays as a phone call.I wonder if this can be avoided and Poweramp would switch to default output automatically. Phone: Xiaomi Mi Max System: MIUI 8 based on Android 6.0.1
  6. probably it is because Poweramp audio output switch from DAC/Opensl to Opensl/native, or from DVC to normal please try to change output from high res/dac to opensl/native, or try to close DVC this problem can not be solved as you can not directly mix two output method together, so Android just request Poweramp to change its output method, leading to a slightly volumn down. then the volumn should be similar to those commom player, which does not support DVC or HIGH Res Output.
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