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  1. It's not really a "feature request" but rather a request to add OPUS, which is an Internet standard per RFC 6716 to the list of supported audio codecs. In a few years OPUS will replace all other lossy codecs (VORBIS, AAC etc) due to its efficiency and open source licensing scheme. Please update Poweramp as soon as possible.
  2. SACD support on an Android phone with a puny amp and limited storage?
  3. Poweramp needs OPUS support as soon as possible! As described in RFC: 6716 OPUS audio compression just became an INTERNET STANDARD os Poweramp desperately needs OPUS codec support to stay RELEVANT . . . Please add OPUS support as soon as possible. Other than this, Poweramp is a great app! PS. MXplayer, VLC and other players offer OPUS support on android already.
  4. Opus! Opus??? I would hate to leave Poweramp as it is a great app but I need support for Opus which by the way has been already recognized as a new Internet audio compression standard... Please add Opus support ASAP...
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