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  1. For those of us with fat fingers, the widget buttons seem jammed unnecesarily close together. Even widget options having only 3 buttons are all bunched together. Any chance of getting some ability to add padding, or even just one of the preset options to have more padding space added? Something like the layout the spotify widget uses (top of screenshot). Of course everyone will have their own design preferences, but to me its usability that *really* matters.
  2. Well ive no idea whether this is the right place to post, but i really just wanted to pass on *HUGE* thanks for implementing the "eq per bluetooth device" feature..... ive been hanging out for this for years, and very happy when it appeared sometime over the festive season. So thanks for making it happen.
  3. +1 .... and *definitely* +1 for the Eq Preset per bluetooth device (which is what i came on the forum to request in the first place!)
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