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  1. I'm using 2.0.10-build-588. I have no idea how this is even happening. It makes no sense. There's this one album that shows the wrong album art. I don't even know where Poweramp is finding this picture because it's not in the tags that I specifically made to have a specific album art. Where the hell could it be getting this album art? It doesn't exist on the file. It previously existed, but there's no excuse or fathomable reason for it to display anything other than what I specifically put in the tags. I have deleted the album art cache, I have full rescanned, renamed the files, completely reencoded this album, where THE **** is this picture even coming from? Brand new, freshly encoded mp3s and it's still pulling an image that shouldn't exist out of its ***. The download album art feature is not enabled. It's not even the artwork file I'm using because a different album displays the correct image when both albums are using the same file. I have no image files in my music folder, all this is in the mp3 tags. So then, when I hold down on the album art where you normally get the option to set the album art, Poweramp crashes. As I was typing this, the album art finally updated. The last thing I tried was to change the actual album name in the mp3 tag, something I shouldn't have to do. Why should I have to compromise and add an extra space or change the album name AT ALL just for Poweramp to work properly. I specifically had the album name without an extra space that doesn't belong, but somehow changing it got Poweramp to stop being stupid. Meanwhile I have waited FOREVER numerous times to do full rescans only for it to be finished scanning WITHOUT EVEN FINDING ALL MY FILES, so I have to constantly rescan again and again just so Poweramp does its job. Why the **** would it finish scanning when there are clearly more files to add to the library? I payed for this app...and I have to constantly deal with this stupid ****, but this album art tag problem took the cake for the worst level of incompetence I have ever witnessed out of Poweramp. Go figure, the album art problem goes away but now I am still doing full rescans over and over again till entire artists that are missing from my library reappear.