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  1. Thanks for the clarification I can see how this feature would be hard to implement having that setup. Chris.
  2. Well using the EQ does something different than changing the bass and treble frequencies. Unless I'm wrong about how Poweramp's bass and treble work. I'm pretty sure it's using a low and high shelving filter which has a different effect than changing the EQ on the low or high ends. To clarify, the feature I would like is the ability to change the low and high shelving frequencies. Possibly in the advanced audio settings. Chris.
  3. Hello I just joined the forums and I was thinking about posting this feature for a while. I would love to see a setting to change the bass and treble frequencies, because some of the songs I listen to drown in the bass because the frequency is too high for my taste. I think adding the ability to change both the bass and treble frequencies would enhance the Poweramp experience even more I don't beleive this is in Poweramp unless it's really hidden, but I hope this feature gets put into Poweramp. Thanks for reading.
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