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  1. Cheers for the welcome andre,ive downloaded some music on the tab and now about to go buy the full version...bought the bluedio r+ legend after getting the ht,s sounding nice so gonna have a play for a few days getting them sorted..not much to say sept...well happy..jim..
  2. Been playing about with the equaliser on a range of music and got it so the bluedios sound nice..really do like it..does all what I need to enjoy music mobile.havnt had any problem using it at all.no hesitation in purchasing it after the two weeks trial is up..as long as it keeps doing what I want..don't need anything fancy...just to listen to music and not have it crash or get complicated to use...so far...fits the bill perfectly.thank you very much for a brilliant,simple,easy to use app.
  3. Hi everyone.stumbled across this site after viewing a site about bluedio Bluetooth headphones.it was suggested to use the eq found on "Poweramp" to improve the bass...downloaded it and must say I was very impressed by the whole look of it..hope it works as good as it looks..got a pair of bluedio HT Bluetooth phones and a cheap life tab android tablet..tab seems to work OK with Spotify but I haven't got any music loaded on it for the player to use yet.not very good with technology so rely on trial and error.give it a few days and ile be back if I have any problems..I'm an oldish fart and use valve equiptment to listen to music as transistors are too modern sounding for me..love the smooth sound valves give..once I've had a fiddle with the EQ...I'm after that mellow type sound..I like most types of music but not too bass oriented... Thanks for reading..back soon..jim..
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