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  1. I see, I'll be watching the changelog then If there's anything I can do to help improve the compatibility with Nexus 5 (precisely: Dirty Unicorns ROM based on Android 7.1.1), please tell me, I'll be happy to test. Just wanted to add that this function is a huge deal for me, because ever since I got a Nexus 5 (which, unlike my previous phone, doesn't have a microSD slot) I'm having problems with storage, even in terms of apps - because of that, storing entire albums directly on my phone is out of question. Online services are not for me, since I'd be able to listen to my music only when I'm home, and there's a very unstable mobile network signal in my area, especially when driving. So the ability to play songs straight from my OTG drive has become a no. 1 priority for me whenever I'm choosing a music player to stay with. Poweramp is most probably the best music app I've ever used, but due to the faulty OTG support I cannot enjoy it.
  2. Poweramp 3 doesn't seem to be able to play music from USB/OTG storage. First, it says "Cannot read 3136-3131/Music/Monstercat 010 Conquest/", and shortly afterwards - "Decoder timed out". I doubt it's a ROM issue, I got a few other apps that allow me to play music straight from the USB drive (FX's and Root Explorer's music players, even TotalCmd's music player) and they work properly.
  3. Thanks for your response! The thread you mentioned about helps me describe the problem - player art was detected properly but thumb art was all messed up (contained art chosed previously from Poweramp and empty art images). Also I updated Poweramp yesterday but it didn't fix anything. Before preparing cover images I have removed all .jpg, .png and .pamp files from my music folder and cleaned the art cache using Poweramp's settings (tried those two steps in a reversed order). I also tried removing all the files from "_com.maxmpz.mediaplayer" and following the instructions to fix the thumb art but it did not help either. After an hour of trying to make Poweramp detect album art properly I gave up and I simply cleaned app data. When I launched Poweramp, all the cover art was detected and it worked flawlessly - and everyone was happy ever after I find it amusing that such an advanced music player experiences problems with managing cover art. Maybe there should be some kind of option that would force Poweramp to only use album art that is saved under one particular file name?
  4. Not experiencing any of the mentioned bugs on Android 5.0.1 (Nexus 5). Maybe it's only appearing on HTC phones?
  5. Hello, exactly like in the topic title Some covers are being shown automatically and other ones are not - I need to set them manually for every single song in the album. What's the album art image file name that Poweramp will automatically use in all songs in a defined album? EDIT: According to the FAQ, Poweramp looks for cover.jpg files smaller than 1.5 MB. I just finished preparing cover.jpg for each every album and about half of them still either shows a previously downloaded cover or doesn't show it at all. My folder structure is simple: --| Music ----| Monstercat 001 ------| *songs* ------| cover.jpg ----| Monstercat 002 ------| *songs* ------| cover.jpg ----| Monstercat 003 ------| *songs* ------| cover.jpg ----| ... How do I make it working?
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