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  1. @andrewilley No, on the FiiO device. Audio settings; Enabled the in-line remote "On - Off" There is no Duch manual, so a lot off the settings I have to figure out what they do.
  2. Problem solved after I enabled the in-line remote option from system settings-audio. There are lots of settings in this device, so sometimes .........🤔 Thank You,
  3. @andrewilley It is the Android version of the Bose ears. When I use the standard music app on the device the controls still not working. So i was not shore but it is probably a hardware problem. On the FIIO forum even after 2 weeks I still have no answer. 🤨 Erik
  4. The control buttons (Volume and next or previous) on my Bose QuietComfort® 20 are not working on the Fiio M11 in combination with the fantastic Poweramp App. Is this hardware related or software related ? Connected via mini jack.
  5. Please add support for my Synology Nas, with local cache (possible?) for fast scrolling.
  6. I do follow your reflection, Andre. Maybe I think to much at the physical Albums (Cd's) the I put on the bookshelf 🤔 To play my music on the Synology NAS station i use the standard DS Audio App. There I have the option to mark albums as Favourite. In large music collection, it makes it easier to find complete albums in the "Favourite" music folder.
  7. Hi, I use the FIIO M11 music player. Downloaded the plug-in, It is not working on this device. Maybe you can help me. The log files : Download.zip
  8. The option to choose between "songs" or "albums" to BOOKMARK
  9. Not if you use the Toslink cable.
  10. DNLA support for mi Synology Nas Audio station would be GREAT😍
  11. I using Musicbee as well. And it is fantastic and fast.
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