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  1. If this has been addressed already, I apologize. When changing a song's album art via the album art selection dialogue, accessible by pressing and holding it, why do I have to restart the entire app just to apply it? In older versions of Poweramp, this was not the case. I was able to change the album art with the album art selection dialogue, and then it would immediately refresh without further hassle. Is there a specific reason as to why this is not the case anymore?
  2. Bump, again. I think this would be a really neat addition to Poweramp. I understand these won't be high priority ideas for integration, but I'd appreciate if they were at least considered. These options, if considered, hopefully won't be too terribly difficult to implement for the metadata display. I normally keep it disabled because there is a lack of options like the ones aforementioned.
  3. I noticed that in the library menu, there was no option to sort songs by their year. Since the 'year' tag is defined for most MP3s, it would be a useful sorting option. Due to the lack of options in the meta display menu, I figured that the song's year, genre or track number tags could be offered as some of the options to display. For those of us who keep this option enabled, they would definitely add a small touch to the player UI. I've made some examples (using another skin): Year: Genre: Track:
  4. +1, This is something I'd enjoy having, instead of doing so from the lock screen.
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