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  1. Hi,I add new problems. Structure connections: Samsung Note 4 SM-N910F with Gear SM-V700 (work perfectly) connect to Toyota Yaris Hybrid 3rd series and Android 4.4.4 Delvik Runtime (ART runtime have more problems); Poweramp version 2.0.10 build 570-play (full version) If I connect my Note 4 on the CAR center Poweramp play music but not see any Title, Artist ecc ( Metachanged Intent is ON and MOD for others Roms not change any because I have a Stock Rom). I tested any possible solution for restore normal status (empty cache, delvik, uninstall & reinstall) Curiosly with my Note 2 (GT-N7100) no problem afflict Poweramp. Other small problem: when I suspend playing, switch off the car and return to switch on, the player restart song to begin. This problems it's only for Poweramp because others players (inclusive a Samsung Stock player) don't have any bugs and send song information normally. PS: the Samsung Stock player send a Pic of the cover album on the Gear but others players not
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