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  1. My tab 4 7" has different hardware than a tab 4 10" and is supposedly more difficult to root. There is no USB debugging at all. Perhaps I obtained the wrong images, but my "recovery" attempts only hang on "downloading....." My built in file manager at first would not move files, but I /could/ copy and then delete the original. Now it will move and also allow me to delete files on external. Sad thing is if I search (say for "n7p") I can see millions of files but no edit options appear. Argh. well I for one want to beg for access to the externalSD. How will I get my songs into the right "Album"? How Will I delete my live tracks? I am homeless and habe no PC...I hate not being able to DL 20 Gig Lecture packs. About 1.5 is all I can do at once. But I will buy Poweramp again for this feature gladly. I need to dump my old email someday soon anyway. Probably I will move over to a windows tab since I am getting angry at how Apple programming is on my machine, I don't use Adobe I am all Macromedia. Thanks hope its okay this is a new topic...I am disappointed only one other request is up but thanks either way it works, I love great software.
  2. After volume drops to a very low level I must reboot to recover sound. Other apps don't seem to have the same problem, then again power Amp is my only audio player and for the other things I usually have the screen on. Also thought it could be a hardware issue since I do like volume. My hardware is a Samsung tab 4 7" note the 10" is different hardware. Here is my cpu identify info: Device identified: samsung SM-T230NU (PXA1L88) E:7758- Inches:5.83-0.0 1)samsung 2)degaswifiue 3)degaswifiue 4)SM-T230NU Build machine:SWDD5810 Creator:dpi A) ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l) Board:PXA1L88_ <> Speed:312000 - 1183000 States:4 detection2: detection1: (IA:) Version Mem1319 Adaptation: <PXA1088> 30 false 4831Mb 31.0C 4.4.2 KitKat, 312 624 1066 1183
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