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  1. Hey guys I found the culprit, it was Lux Auto brightness which is odd because this app worked fine with my previous phone (HTC Vivid) and for my Note 3 for a few weeks. If I disable Lux the 'dim background' feature works fine. Still playing around with the settings in Lux and I can't pinpoint the exact setting that causes this but will update when I do. Thank you so much for trying to help though, it's greatly appreciated!
  2. Yup, I tried different skins, all have the same problem. Every other option (hide status bar, etc) works for the lock screen though. I tried uninstalling Poweramp and reinstalling it, tried disabling all my xposde modules (wanam, xblast, etc) tried to use a different launcher than apex and still no luck D:
  3. Ahh I see. Would you have any guesses on what app might be causing this to happen? I checked my xposed modules and everything and it seems to be fine.
  4. Anyone know why in Poweramp, the "Dim Background" feature under "Lock Screen" isn't working at all for my Galaxy Note 3 rooted? It's been working for the last few weeks but randomly stopped today. I get to see this dumb background instead of being all black: http://imgur.com/a/42YuL
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