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  1. And I find your post and opinion useless and ignorant. So you vote for leaving the volume buttons alone, well good for you , shows to f egocentric you probably are, since is doesn't concern or bother you for Poweramp have an on or/off feature to change track with a long press. To make things worse, you didn't understand the topic request, which is obvious seeing you reply "The press+hold of Volume keys already has functions assigned to them - Quick continuous volume inrease/decrease. You either have that or track skip but not both" OP and lots of users like me, obviously don't care about continuous increase/decrease volume, it's pretty useless when having a singel press do it for you, and would gladly rather have an option to change tracks without removing the phone out of you pocket, hit the power button and so on. Thus your argument of using screen widget is also extremely narrow minded. ...
  2. At least make this feature eventhough it has to require root.
  3. Actually no, not hold press. Pocket skip have only simple and double press. And if you for example double press volume up to change track the volume for a brief moment increases before the track change. Annoying...
  4. It's been several years now, still no hold press volume buttons to change track... I love Poweramp, worth every penny and more but the lack of this feature is very bad. It's been a important request for many years.
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