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  1. I really like the added streaming feature! What is currently missing is resolving non browser encoded URL:s from playlists. Right now I play music streaming FLAC from my home server using Total commanders media player as it's the only android app able to resolve m3u direct links for streaming over the internet. For example this m3u entry works: http%3A%2F%2Fhomeserver.mysite.net%3A11555%2FMusik%2F%5BAlbum%5D%5CBC%5CBryan+Adams+-+%28CA%29+%28HardRock%29%5C%5B1984%5D+Reckless+%28Dynamic+MFSL%29%5CBryan+Adams+-+Reckless+-+06+-+Summer+of+%2769.flac This m3u entry doesn't work: http://homeserver.mysite.net:11555/Musik/[Album]\BC\Bryan Adams - (CA) (HardRock)\[1984] Reckless (Dynamic MFSL)\Bryan Adams - Reckless - 06 - Summer of '69.flac (Proper URL address has been scrambled)
  2. EDIT: Solved! Thanks! Downloading the version above fixed it Greets I use Poweramp to play my flac collection and have manually added folder art for each album as "front.jpg" or "cover.jpg" placed in each folder. I don't use id3 tags because they never sort properly. I prefer to sort by folder path with a subfolder for each album. That's why I use Poweramp on Android and Foobar2000 on windows. Up until the most recent versions (I believe there were 2 updates) folder artwork has been broken. I recall it being since the update stating that *.pamp files were no longer used to cache folder art. After this update it broke completely. Cover artwork in the player still works fine without any issues, it's only when displaying folders. I've tried to change all the different album display settings, clear app cache, uninstall and reinstall, manually delete android\data\player folder but nothing works. I even tried to enable automatic downloading artwork but that didn't work either. I ended up with some albums correct but most duplicates of one album art for every folder. I think there is also another bug in the code with iterating loop where you retrieve album art. Could you please make it a priority to repair this feature? Is there any download where I can find the old apk version which used the *.pamp cache system? The *.pamp cache system wasn't perfect but atleast when it bogged up I was able to manually delete the pamp file to force a refresh. Now it won't work at all. Samsung Galaxy SIII-GTI9305 Android V4.3 stock rom (it worked on old version, same rom) 2.0.10-build-570-play (full version) Best Regards Nirklars Doesn't work: Works:
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