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  1. I am not shamsartem but I would prefer to get downloaded album art in the album folder. Just like it has been until build 568 (AFAIR). If in doubt make it configurable. Btw.: Where can I find the downloaded album art (original size) in build 569 or 570?
  2. Not really. I found some micro album art files in .../cache/micro but they are really tiny pictures. See the link I posted above. You could try looking in Android\data\_com.maxmpz.audioplayer\album_art\ (and other folders in the same location). Andre What I am looking for is album art the same size as I downloaded from within the player. In former versions the JPEGS have been the .pamp files in the album folder. Where are they gone?
  3. But where are they stored now? I used them to update missing album art in the mp3 tag entry (using another software on my PC).
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