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  1. I love Poweramp music player and it is the first app I've bought from the Play Store. I'd like it if you added an option to set the sleep timer to the end of the songs I listen to at the moment and not the one that will be played in a minimum of 5 minutes.
  2. I have 2 problems The first it that I can't edit any of my song tags, because the app says they're read-only even though I looked at them in my computer and they're all write-able. Can I tweak something in the files or the app so I can edit tags? The second problem is that the list I listen to is reshuffled every time I resume playing. I always listen to the all songs list, and while I would like it shuffled I'd like it to shuffle once when I start listening to it, and keep the same shuffle throughout without changing. Quite often I find out that a songs I listened to a few hours ago is pla
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