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  1. No response to any presses on screen. Only backspace then re-engaging the app works. My phone is a Samsung SM-S327VL running stock 6.0.1.
  2. After adding file to queue while playing, display freezes after going to queue and trying to exit from queue. If I backspace out to close window and open PA everything displays as expected. PA keeps playing during all of this. This started several releases ago. I'm using V3 835 and android 6.0.1.
  3. When you need an audio player for Windows 10, foobar2000 is the only player you need. Among it's many features are gapless playback, cd ripping and burning. Transcoding from any lossless format to any lossy format. File integrity checking and mp3 header repair. A library function that allows you to quickly find any track, artist, album in your collection. Also full replay gain support. Media server / player. This is PA's equivalent in the Windows world.
  4. I figured it out. I re-encoded the files using a LAME front end I found online. No loss in quality. Checked spectrogram and listened on PC using foobar with ABX comparator. All files now flagged as 'gapless' by PA. Re-encoding added 2 KB to file size. Thanks for the help.
  5. How do I access the gapless flags to 'fix' my mp3s?
  6. Ok, thanks but I didn't get what you are saying. I installed iTunes (what shite) but didn't see anything in there to address gapless. Search of zing didn't turn up anything of any relevance. Not a big deal but just coureous how PA IDs tracks as gapless.
  7. I have a compilation of mp3 files that I found online. When I play them in continuous mode there is an audible gap between tracks with no crossfade enabled. When I enable to crossfade non-gapless/non-cue tracks, PA crossfades the comp even though there are gaps of 2-3 seconds between tracks. Checking the tracks info/tag, none are marked as gapless, though it is a continuous compilation of individual tracks. My question is how does PA determine whether a track is gapless? And how could I mark or tag a track as being gapless? I checked both tagscanner and mp3tag but didn't see a 'gapless' tag.
  8. I've seen this happen several times. Usually fixes itself by moving to next track in list. It happened again today but wouldn't fix itself. A rescan didn't help. I went to skins setting and disabled alternate layout and that corrected the problem. Possibly problem with built in skins.
  9. At one time, in an earlier release, you would get a confirmation message when adding files to a playlist. The # of files added or no files added message would appear. I no longer get these confirmations. Is there some setting that permits this again. If so, I haven't been able to find it. The second thing I'd like to see is an UNDO when working with playlists. Sometimes I fat finger when adding folders, artists, genres to existing large playlists and would like to UNDO my mistake without having to select and delete hundreds of entries or deleting the playlist, having to re-create it. . That's after I find my mistake by browsing where there might have been placed which takes considerable time when you have created over 100 of these. Thanks.
  10. This playlist folder with zero byte .pla files has bugged me for a while. You can delete the contents of this folder and it has no affect on the real playlists created in PA. It also creates zero byte .pla files for playlists that were deleted long ago. If you delete the folder, it has no effect on the real PA playlists. The folder gets re-created when you export the playlists, creating valid looking .m3u8 files. The folder seems to stabilize once its deleted and recreated using the export PA playlist function. After rebooting phone, all of the 0-byte .pla files reappear including the ones that were deleted long ago. there are also duplicate .pla files suffixed with a 1.
  11. It would be nice to integrate a batch tag editor into the interface in future releases. The functionality of mp3tag would be awesome. Would even pay extra for it if I could replace the android tagger I'm using now. It crashes often and is very slow.
  12. Thanks for considering this. I really enjoy the new interface and everything about 816. It's amazing to read all of the negative comments about the latest update. This is really the best music app of it's kind in both the android and ios worlds. It kicks foobar's ass, which I've been beta testing for some time. It would be nice to integrate a batch tag editor into the interface in future releases.
  13. Thanks. I looked at what's available but not impressed enough to add another app for music manipulation. Will just have to live with bug and never sort 'Abbey Road' or "Dark Side of the Moon' in playlist mode.
  14. Sorting is a very basic function. Available Windows tools that tag, rename and play music all have functioning sort mechanisms. Why have the options available if they're not being implemented properly ?
  15. sorry, forgot this info : v3-build-814-play (Full Version). SM-S327VL android 6.0.1
  16. After adding several albums to a new playlist, I'm unable to get back to original order after doing a shuffle (random sort) and sorting again by album. Album sort totally illogical. Closest good sort is done sorting by date added but tracks are not in a logically sorted order; track 02 above track 01, other tracks also randomly out of order. Sorts should be done on current sorted order but the app doesn't take that into consideration. I would like to get to original sorted order. This only shows up with more than one album in a playlist. A great app but this the only complaint I have. 1st image is of sort done by date added, second by album. 3rd by filename.
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