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  1. I don't think this is true, because with another App called "ES File Explorer" I can copy files to the SD card. Or, am I wrong? Also, I moved Poweramp to the SD card. Doesn't that mean it should use the data folder on the SD card?
  2. I recently found that Poweramp is downloading Artwork to internal memory on my phone with KitKat. Is there a way to set it to download to SD card instead?
  3. I have a problem with the Artwork Auto Download. It seems to only search based on the artist and album's name. This works fine for albums, however, I have collections of Single Charts, where the album is named something like "German Top 100 Hits". Now I keep getting artwork images for the "German Top 100" for all singles in this charts album. Is there an option where the search can be modified to search upon the song's name and artist's name instead of the album's name?
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