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  1. I liked it when I could use an album art not only for an album, but also for a band as well. It's always easier to find the band (folder) you need if it has a picture. And also I always have problems with album arts on my galaxy s3. In-folder images applied for album lists load correctly only if I do it manually, though I turned all the preferences to use In-folder album art only. Special thanks for making album art bigger in album lists. I like it
  2. shamsartem

    Album art is always a problem in Poweramp

    Thank you for responding! I meant images, which are included with the songs into the folder. It automatically uses embedded album art on the "folders" screen instead of using in-folder image. After update it happened again: now I have to manually choose image to see it in "folders" screen
  3. It's interesting for me to know the resolution and the size of the file that is max, because that was a problem for me to use very large album art (more then 3000*3000 px and more then 5 mb)