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  1. Hello, I'm currently using Poweramp (2.0.9 on Android 4.3 on a Sony Xperia Z1). This may not be seen as a full new feature but rather a good improvement in ease of use (here it is playlist creation speed). What I want to do is quicky create the playlist I want. I would like and equivalent way of doing like on linux or windows explorer combined with vlc : quick search in my music folder to find my song and then only one click to add to the playlist I create. So it would be a combination of two existing features of Poweramp : - when in any playlist, I can press : menu > add to a play
  2. Hello, Here is my problem when using Poweramp (2.0.9 on Android 4.3 on a Sony Xperia Z1) : sometimes the currently playing list shuffles with no reason which is annoying. It especially happens when I decide to add a music to a PLAYLIST : for example the currently playing music is my 8th / 1143 and if I decide to add musics i liked in range 1/1143 to 7/1143 to a playlist like music 4/1143, then this musics switches with 8/1143 so I cannot add previous musics in the order they played. And sometimes it just shuffles really randomly, I mean with no action on Poweramp (maybe sometimes when using
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