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  1. Any thoughts on this? Any chance the suggested option for the folder button will be implemented?
  2. Good enough for me. PlayerPro can do that, for example, but so far I like Poweramp better.
  3. Search for "lyrics" in the Android market and you should find "Lyrics App" by TuneWidgets. In Poweramp's settings go to "Scrobbling" and turn on "Scrobble via Simple Last.fm". The rest is self-explanatory. This will not add lyrics to your ID3 tags. [attachment=0]Lyrics_App.png[/attachment]
  4. I'd like to get back to the original topic, which is the folder button. The back button is not my concern. My suggestion was: whenever the folder button is used from outside the folder list bring the user back to the last used folder. If it is clicked from inside the folder list, go to the root folder (as is now always the case when you click the folder button). I believe this would add extra value to the folder button without confusing users. Why shouldn't there be an additional shorter way to get there? If you are in the queue list and want to get back to the most recently used folder, my solution would require one click on the folder button, and if you wanted to get to the root folder from the queue list, two subsequent clicks in the same spot would be needed. An intuitive and quick solution. Your approach requires one click to get to the root folder, but two clicks in different spots (player button and mini-display) to get to the most recently used folder. Also to get to the most recently used folder the user needs to click "player" first, when he actually wants to get to a folder and has a folder button in view. That's not intuitive at all.
  5. Please add "Repeat Queue" to the repeat options if songs are queued. If chosen once the player enters the queue only the queued songs should be repeated.
  6. In addition to "Auto-Advance in Folders" and "Auto-Advance in Library" please add the option to enable/disable "Auto-Advance from Queue". If disabled the player should stop playing after the last queued song is finished.
  7. It would be nice if the folder button could be changed or at least configured to bring the user back to the last used folder whenever the button is used from outside the folder view, while always bringing the user back to the defined root folder if clicked from inside the folder view. There are various situations, where the lack of this option is pretty annoying, e.g.: 1. Open player 2. Go to folder view, navigate to some subfolder x below your root folder 3. Enqueue a couple of songs while remaining in folder view 4. Hit the Library button to go to the library 5. Go to queue 6. Start first song while remaining in queue list 7. Decide to add another track from the folder view 8. Try to get back to subfolder x. The back button doesn't help in this case; neither does the folder button, which brings you back to the root folder. If the folder button would work in the suggested way, in step 8 you would just click it once to get back to the previously used folder and twice if you wanted to get back to the root folder. That would be much more comfortable than the current approach! Edit: I have suggested something similar before, but this new suggestion is a bit different, so I hope it's not viewed as repost/spam.
  8. It would be nice if the actual filenames could be seen in folder filelists and folder playlists. I find it a tiny bit irritating to not be able to see the filename when files are sorted by filenames. It would be extra great, if Poweramp supported renaming files right in the player interface. I wouldn't object if the "ringtone" button that is part of the popup which appears when you long tap a song in the playlist was replaced with a "rename" button, but the info popup could host a "rename" button as well.
  9. Hi, it would be nice if users who do not use the library had an option to replace the "library" button with a "playlist" button. Right now it's one nasty extra tap for such users each time they navigate to their folder playlists. Also it would be great if the "library", "playlist" and "folders" buttons would bring you back to the previously selected level/playlist/folder. You could make it so that a short tap brings you to the previously visited level/playlist/folder, wheres a long tap brings back the root level. You could make an option that allows to choose the default behaviour for short and long taps.
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