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  1. OK thanks Eagerly awaiting the audio focus implementation.
  2. OK great thanks for clearing that up. But. .. If I want to move my tracks around in the current playlist/ selection, how do I do that ? Also, the more important point - respecting audio focus. Any info on that ?
  3. Hi Andre / Max Just a few pointers - Queue / Now Playing - Any way to combine the two? - This is because since there is no Now Playing feature, you cannot rearrange tracks. Only possible in a playlist, queue. Also, I am pretty sure a lot of people find the way the Queue works as confusing and bloated. Why not make it simple, combining enqueue and play next options with the Now Playing as a single queue ? Audio Focus - Poweramp still cannot reduce volume for loss of audio focus. I hate to rage on this topic, but a simple google search gives a basic understanding of that. More than 95% of music players on the play store do this. Why not Poweramp?
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