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  1. I've poked around quite a bit and can't find any concise information that I can understand so I'm asking a question that's been asked before. I use my phone in a cradle in my car to connect to Bluetooth. It's about 2 feet from my eyes. I cannot see the song title or album. I know many others have had this issue. Can you please include a font size option? I really don't need to see a ginormous view of the album cover on my screen. Maybe take a 1/2 inch from the top of the screen make it black background and put the title and album up there in adjustable font size. If there are other ways of accomplishing this, it would be helpful to know.
  2. Would the developer be willing to add an easily accessible "button" to clear the current "list" of songs that are playing? For example, I'd like to clear the list and then add a new list. Or I'd like to (sometimes but not all the time) clear the list when I exit the app so that when I restart it there is nothing in the list until I proactively add something to the list.
  3. Hi Andre. SO I tried that. I went to a music folder, found one song, long-pressed to play (what I thought was) just that song and it did clear out the other 400+ but replaced it with every song in the same folder that I long pressed. that replacement did not appear to be a "queue" because the queue was still showing 0 songs. I then tried the same thing and long pressed a song to enqueue. That did add one and only one song to the actively playing / queue list. I then deleted that from the queue list. Closed Poweramp and opened it again and now it's picked a random folder or pre-set playlist and added over 6,000 files to the active "list". This all seems like alot of work. I still don't understand why when i tee up a playlist the queue shows 0 songs but when I'm on the play screen it will show, for example "1/6491". In any event, I just want to wipe the "currently playing" list of songs so that nothing plays even if I hit the play button I want nothing to play unless I have specifically instructed the app to play that. It seems to have a mind of it's own. This is a shame. I'm a power music lover and very particular so I really would love having these quirks fixed. Maybe there's a setting that I don't have set right. Thoughts?
  4. Hi. My queue says there are 0 songs in it. However on the play screen there are 483 songs there (from a playlist I created and "queued" up to play). I want to wipe those 483 songs out of the "now playing" or "queue" or whatever it's called (but not delete them as a playlist). I don't want to remove or reorder songs in an particular queue I just want to be able to wipe the queue / now playing list completely clean so that whatever playlist I start playing next will have only those songs being able to be played Second issue as I noted above is that using an app called "File Shortcut", I have put the playlists I've created into shortcuts from my Galaxy S5 home screen. Sometimes when I click the shortcut where I would expect the particular song, soundclip or playlist to beging playing, it does not play. The Poweramp app opens up and the device rotates to Poweramp but the file within the shortcut does not play.
  5. Hi. I'm not sure that I'll use the right terminology here but when I have a playlist or album that I've queued up to play I want to be able to "delete" it from the list of songs in the queue. Basically I want to clear out now playing or the queue or whatever it's called. Also I vae set up file shortcuts to some mp3s and sometimes when I click it Poweramp does not play it. Poweramp stays on the last song that was "current". Please help
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