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  1. Hello, Mr Apple? You reckon you're the ultimate... ummm... everything? And, in your main music app, you can't drag and drop??? I used to fix computers for a living, and refused to have anything to do with Apple machinery, for a variety of reasons - this guy came to me, practically in tears, with his big 24" iMac, whose hard disk had popped. He'd been quoted hundreds of pounds to fix it. A new disk, in those days, was about £55; should have been ½ an hour to replace the old one, then whatever to reinstall OSX and restore his backup. Not the biggest job in the world. However... I don’t know how familiar you are with Mac hardware, but it took me ages to figure out how to get into the damn thing – no screws anywhere. Eventually, on a forum I discovered that the front glass is held in with magnets – you just pull it off using big suckers (it’s very thin, very fragile, and is extremely wobbly but doesn't like bending…), then all the gubbins is in there. Oh, and do this in a NASA-standard clean room, or you’ll get all white dots of dust on the back of the glass when you replace it… But that wasn’t the REAL annoyance. On any computer, you can buy any hard disk (of a size it can cope with, and with the right physical interface – and they’re all the same for any given few years) and just whack it in. But not the iMac, oh no. It actually interrogates the disk’s firmware, ensures it’s the right model, by the right manufacturer – THEN maybe it’ll deign to see it. Fortunately I discovered that on the forum too, before making a fool of myself 😄
  2. D’Oh!!! That’s how I’ve ALWAYS preferred to do it, but felt the world had left me behind when I got my first smartphone some years ago, and found that the phone manufacturers simply would not let me do it my way. Actually, the main psychological damage came from the fact that my first smartphone was a ******* iPhone, on which NOTHING was done in any way that a human being could relate to, but specifically iTunes – surely the worst piece of software ever written – and I spent weeks learning about tags etc, which seemed completely irrelevant to me, as I just wanted to treat my songs & albums as the files and folders they were, rather than something weird. But Apple won’t let you do that – Android comes closer, thank God. Okily dokily, neighbourinos… think we’re practically there 😀 And thanks for the tip about the pamp thingies too 😉
  3. Thanks but by accident, I discovered that I could restore everything to (almost) normal by enabling FOLDER view, as that's how the actual files are organised. However, for some reason, Poweramp refuses to pick up a significant number of the albumart.pamp thumbnail files, so I've spent several hours downloading the relevant pictures, resizing them, putting them in all the folders, and getting each album to pick them up... sigh... but I think we're there now. That utility might be useful in the future, though 😉
  4. Thanks Andre, I'll try messing about with it a bit more, now that I know I can finally get back to V2 if I have to. And I can appreciate that all this is probably because I've accumulated thousands of tracks, from many different sources, over many years, and half the tags are going to be wrong as you say... we'll see...
  5. Actually… no, it hasn’t worked. What it does, for each track I do this to, is create a new album called “Compilations”, and put it at the bottom of the alphabetical list of albums, despite it beginning with “C”. So I tried it for two tracks – results below. The actual Compilations album, containing 217 tracks, isn't displayed in the list at all!
  6. Thanks - have tried that and I think it has worked. However, I would have to do it with hundreds of tracks, so it's not really an option. Can you please advise how to revert to the version before these changes took place? Thanks
  7. Thanks. I'll try to attach a screenshot of the file. It appears to be as you say, except for "Album Artist", which doesn't appear to be listed as an option... PS "Join Albums" was already ticked
  8. Been using Poweramp happily since 2014. However, some time in the last couple of weeks or so I think you must have released a completely new version… everything’s kind of screwed up. I have always viewed my collection by Album List, single column, and that’s the only way I like it. I don’t use playlists. I play one album at a time by clicking on it from this list. Half the album art is now missing completely; art for some albums has been replaced by the art for one of my compilation albums; and some tracks from within my albums appear to be displayed as separate, one-track-only, “albums”. Sorry to sound emotional, but this is a disaster. I’m used to doing things a certain way, and now everything’s a mess. I'll try to attach two screenshots: (1) showing 2 tracks from my "Compilations" album, now listed as separate "albums", called "Kerosene Hat" & "The Cream of Clapton", but using the album art from my Compilations album, which is where they actually are. I don't have the albums "Kerosene Hat" & "The Cream of Clapton" at all. (2) showing missing album art - dozens are missing. Help please?
  9. Yeah… I know it’s supposed to. But the consensus on dedicated forums is that generally the S4 has big problems going over 32GB. It’s kind of you try and help me, but I’ve spent nearly 2 weeks now on this, and I’d never trust the phone now, whatever happens. It’s got to go! Cheers
  10. Cheers… have since discovered that the S4 has major problems working with 64GB cards in general. Samsung and dedicated S4 forums are full of posts about it. If yours works fine with one, lucky you – I’d say you're in a minority. My card is formatted as exFat – no FAT32 option on my computer (did that go after XP?). I guess there’s probably a command line option to force it, but I can’t remember. I’m trying to get a refund on the phone as I bought it specifically because it could take a 64GB card – without that, it’s useless to me. If I fail, I’ll sell it. Going to revert to my trusty HTC One X+ - it has 64GB internally without having to use a card. It works fine – I was only going to upgrade because it can be a little slow at times.
  11. Each folder is an album, so typically 10-15 tracks (mp3 files). But I've changed them all very little since Poweramp was playing them fine in the HTC... maybe added 2 or 3 new albums.
  12. I’ve been using Poweramp happily on my HTC One X+ for maybe a year. I decided I needed a better phone, and got a Samsung S4. Most of them only come with 16GB, but you can put cards in very cheaply, so I got a Kingston 64GB SD. After an entire day of experimenting, I concluded that the card was faulty, as things seemed to keep disappearing from it – music and photos. I got a refund, and decided to buy a Samsung card this time. It seems to be much more stable, but… I copied my entire music library to it (maybe 30GB), and now can’t see half the albums in Poweramp. Here’s the odd things: I can see the albums in ES File Explorer on the phone. I’m using Folder View in Poweramp, but the list of albums only goes as far as “E” (it’s alphabetical). The entire bunch of folders were simply dragged and dropped from my HTC to my laptop, then to the Samsung. Nothing modified. I can’t see anything after “E” in the Google Music Player either. If I connect the phone via USB to my laptop, I can not only see all the files A-Z, I can play them on the laptop from the phone, so they’re there. My money’s on the phone being faulty, but can’t understand why ES File Explorer can see them, but the music apps can’t… Any thoughts very much appreciated!
  13. Thanks again Andre - do you do ALL the work here! Aaaahh, pre-amp you say... what a good idea. Will try that
  14. New to Poweramp – one of the reasons I bought it was because my phone (HTC One X+) really annoys me by having big steps between volume levels. In other words, I’m listening to a song, and it’s just a little too loud – I press the Vol down button, but it goes down a lot, then it’s a little too quiet. It really is maddening – it seems to have been designed always to have the volume just above or just below what you want. So one of the reasons I bought Poweramp was that it has what appears to be an analogue volume control… but I now suspect it isn’t. You can rotate it smoothly (with a lot of practice) to wherever you want – but then, when you release your finger, it jumps to the nearest pre-programmed position. Am I right about this? Is there anything I can do? The preset positions are, of course, exactly he same as those integral to the phone – ie always too high or too low, and too far apart. Thanks
  15. Actually, following your good advice, I've noticed something even more annoying and surprising - when I tap on a track to play it, the correct artwork comes up on the screen - yet, when I go back to the album list, the incorrect one comes back again!
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