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  1. Hi guys! New skins! This time with two custom backgrounds, and custom eq buttons Enjoy! Don't forget to rate. Download here
  2. Hi Guys! New free skin! Enjoy! Don't forget to rate it on play store Download here
  3. Just download the app from the play store: Download Here You need to have Poweramp v3 beta installed: Poweramp-v3-build-808-uni.apkhttps://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer
  4. New cool option!!! Now you can choose between alternative layout and normal Please rate the app Download Here
  5. @Bulu09 New Options added: - Transparent buttons in play screen - Translucent buttons in play screen enjoy.
  6. @kibitZer @ZMan2k2 fixed. I would appreciate a positive rating
  7. Hi, I understand what you mean, and found the bug. It will be fixed on these days.
  8. Fixed! It should be available to update in 10 minutes or so
  9. Oh I understand, The problem is that with the new wavebar there is not much space left to include a static seekbar, will take a look into it when I get the time
  10. Hi Andre, is this what you mean?
  11. Done! I would appreciate a review on play store Download Here
  12. Thanks! Yes that is possible, I will create new skins with different kind of player buttons, it's only a matter of time
  13. This is what you can do. Remove the background on the titles.
  14. Hi Guys! Check out my new Poweramp skin Send me any feedback. Download Here
  15. @pauldamo @djdarko Thanks for the feedback guys, I have updated the dark skin on the play store, it should be available in 10 minutes or so.
  16. What is there to address about ads? The ads are not embed on the skin itself, but on the app that is downloaded with the skin. Could you upload a screenshot where the bug appears, I was not able to find the view ?
  17. Yep, It only works with waveseek.. The problem is that in order to make it work with both types of bars I would need to create one option for each one. I don't want the skin settings to be a long list
  18. Yeah, the idea is to make a lot of skins The update is live: Blue light Blue dark
  19. @invaderzim @Mr. Make Believe Done! I added it as an option. In future skins I will see if I make the plain buttons bigger, or other colors. enjoy!
  20. @Mrmahdi Hmm I'm sorry but for me it's hard to fix that problem, can't reproduce it @Prosenjit Fixed! Thanks for the feedback
  21. Thats weird... Which Phone do you have? Which Android version? Do you have a custom ROM installed?
  22. Hi Guys.. new free skin! Please rate on play store Download here Enjoy!!
  23. New update!! Main App: Removed video ad when click on "apply skin" Added new button "Open skin settings" Skin: Option to make navigation bar transparent. See picture @Mrmahdi Option to make background track info transparent. See picture Option to set default player buttons. Only works with waveseek @invaderzim I didn't change anything on the no blur effect, its like on the sample app by Max. It's weird, do you have the album art of the song downloaded? I just updated on play store, so it should be available in 10 min. or so. Enjoy
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