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  1. @luce Thats really weird. Can you send me a screenshot from the app list in the settings view. Where you see the size of the app.
  2. @MadagascarAdam By looking at your device I think making the album art bigger wont help, as it would make the play buttons so small that they will not be shown properly. Doing more changes on the layout is really hard as it should be tested on many devices with different screen sizes. Thats why that new layout is experimental. @luce Can you tell me please what happens when you click on the app Icon? does it open anything? Regards
  3. Sadly I dont have a Huawei device to reproduce the Problem... I'll continue doing some research
  4. Hi guys! I just updated the skin. I added an experimental option to fix the problem with the small album art. Use that option ONLY if you have that problem. Download Here regards
  5. Hi Guys! I just released a new skin. Check it out! DOWNLOAD HERE!
  6. Which build of Poweramp do you have? It must be min. 810 (The player buttons is the most used option. It activate different kinds of layouts for the player buttons on the main screen) fixed thanks for the feedback Done
  7. @GDMFSOB Wow, What settings do you have? Which Poweramp version do you have? @andrewilley Yeah I know right now is a bit complex. That's sadly not possible, as styles in Android development don't allow multiple inheritance. This was the only clean way I found, I will remove some options in the future as 'Pro Buttons', 'Waveseek' and others that conflicts with the 'Player Buttons' option
  8. ------> BIG UPDATE <----- Now you can choose between more than 10 layouts for the player buttons on the main screen Option name: "Player Buttons" Check it out! P.S.: I just updated. It may take some minutes to be live.
  9. @maxmp Hi Max, on one of my skins I found a problem on the help screen, I can't change the background of the pop ups. My research is that I can't reference "TopHelp" style on the "styles-top.xml" file as it isn't included on the "attrs-styles-powerui.xml" file. Could you maybe fix this so that I can customize the help screen as well? Greetings
  10. I think it's possible, but it sounds like a lot of work Flat button is available via options (Default player buttons). But it only works with pro buttons
  11. Just updated.. can you check out if its solved please.. Which phone do you have?
  12. @invaderzim Fixed the transparent background. @andrewilley position should be fixed now, can you confirm this? as you have a smaller phone than me @Prosenjit Can't fix the problem on the help screen. I have to ask max for fix as I can't reference that screen. UPDATE New option added: * track elapsed time and track duration time background can be now set: "transparent", "semi transparent" or "solid" I will take a look to the other things on this days. Enjoy
  13. @Parth Rathore @andrewilley How do you activate the half waveseek? Update! * Now track counter and label match transparent/translucent option. * now track counter, label, elapsed time and total time matches round/square. I'll be working on the other requests soon P.S.: Just updated, so it should be available soon.
  14. @Menelas Thats weird.. Which phone do you have? do you have the problem only with my skins? @Parth Rathore Added! Option is: Square corners @andrewilley Added! Option is: Dual bar I just updated so it should be available in about 10 min. will appreciate a positive review
  15. Oh, that was actually a bug, thanks for the feedback. I fixed it. Should be available in about 10 min.
  16. @flyingdutchman The main differences are the ability to use alternative or normal layout Use Pro buttons or normal Use waveseek or seekbar Make main screen buttons transparent or translucent. @invaderzim I am glad you like it The ability to detect if the background is dark or light is not possible at skin level. At app level is possible but it is not as simple as one may think. Some machine learning is needed 😕
  17. Please rate on play store Download here
  18. Hi Guys.. new free skin! Please rate on play store Download here Enjoy!!
  19. Wow, never thought so many people prefer plain black and white xD @andrewilley I know what you mean and you are right. Sadly thats too much work as any change on the layout must be tested on different devices (Small phones, normal phones, tablets...) and my time is a bit limited
  20. You are right! I have updated the screenshots
  21. Is this what you are looking for? if so my skins have that option... Check them out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Poweramp.v3.ud.simplelight https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Poweramp skin v3
  22. Color wheel is not possible to add on a skin, I can only add an ON/OFF Toggle.
  23. All right, I will make one simple skin like Alternative Layout with my options on it
  24. Sorry, I really don't know what can cause this problem on your phone
  25. Hi guys.. I would like to know what kind of skins do you prefer... you can also post images of buttons or toggles that you like. I will then make a free skin with your input.
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