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  1. 5 hours ago, Prosenjit said:


    Is it possible to change the current custom background( Rainbow Skin's) to something different like this one. Ignore the Poweramp logo only the colour & gradient level I'm talking about, it will look great with rainbow skin

    Yes it is possible.. I'll put it on my "TODO" list :)

  2. 46 minutes ago, invaderzim said:

    UPDATE: I did some tests and I'm back to working state:

    1. Tapped/Opened the skin settings
    2. Enabled both (Transparency) Navbars and Buttons -- earlier this had no setting due to the new update so I had to re-select what I was last on.

    That's it! Layout is Alternative, no issues with Normal either.

    Thanks for the Update.. It must be caused by some internal changes in the naming that I made.. 

  3. 13 hours ago, Paul Heasman said:

    Really like the colour scheme with this skin.

    However, is there any chance of making  this volume button more distinguishable (preferably gold, like the other controls), as it blends into the background too much when it's not being adjusted?



    Thank you for the feedback :)

  4. On 12/20/2018 at 10:24 AM, andrewilley said:

    Completely trivial visual point here I know, but when you get a chance could you check on the vertical alignment of the counters and the metadata line? The metadata is slightly higher than the two counters, and for some reason my latent OCD is kicking in about it. :) (It's noticeable on many of the screenshots here)



    Yeah you are right.. I'll try to fix it... :)

  5. @brandonluciano824 @sethnet

    The "Fixed" Alternative Layout is intended to be for people to which the Alternative Layout shows a small album art.. By looking at your screenshots you shouldn't be using the experimental option.

    A full width option doesn't exist.. Yet.. 


    I would say thats a bug.. But I cant fix it at skin level. It has to be fixed at app level (to which I dont have access). I will try to make as less updates as possible.. 

  6. @Mrmahdi @luce

    Thanks for testing.. It is definitely a problem related to huawei devices.. I'll research more..



    It may happen when I change anything on the options.. Sorry for that, sadly I can't do anything about it as it is on app development level and not skin dev. 



    You are welcome :)

    Technically almost everything is possible, it is also possible make the layout look like v2.. It is a problem of time.. As the smallest change on any layout must be tested and programmed to work on different screen sizes and pixel densities. Sadly I don't have so much free time for that 😕


    Best Regards. 


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